Signs You Need A DUI Lawyer For Your Case

27 April 2020
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A DUI is a serious criminal offense that can land you with some jail time, serious court fees, and the loss of your driver's license. You can also be stuck being on a special and more costly type of insurance and have your professional career interfered with if you have a charge like this stick. While a DUI attorney cannot make any guarantees about the outcome of your case, they can be beneficial in helping your DUI case go faster and helping you get back to your normal life more quickly.

Here are signs you need a DUI lawyer for your case. You'll make a consultation with a DUI attorney and review your case before they take you on as a client. The sooner you introduce a lawyer to your case, the better, otherwise, a public defender will be appointed to you.

You're in a high-profile job

Are you in a high-profile job or position in your community that can be threatened by a DUI conviction or charge? If so, then you need a DUI attorney who can help you keep your case as discreet as possible. This can be done by reaching a possible plea agreement with the prosecuting attorney, keeping you out of jail while you await sentencing, and allowing you to have your trial be done as soon as you can.

You're already in trouble with the law

Do you have other issues with the law that are being addressed, such as drug possession charges or other types of charges? Do you have a criminal history that a DUI will affect? Are you currently on probation or parole where a DUI charge can potentially land you in jail? When you have other troubles with the law, you need a skilled DUI attorney by your side if you are also facing a new DUI charge.

Your DUI attorney will review your case and come up with a custom plan to help you get the best outcome possible. Negotiating a plea deal or accepting lesser charges in your case may be the most beneficial.

Your outcome will be based on a variety of factors, so having a DUI lawyer to represent you when facing any type of DUI charge is wise. Whether this is your first offense or you have had issues with the law in the past, using the guidance of a DUI attorney is the best way to protect yourself legally. Your DUI attorney will represent you wholly once hired, so get an attorney as soon you are arrested on a DUI charge.

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